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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey earthlings haha. i can only say that i am a pretty horrible blogger hhahahaaaaa.
sorry for people who were actually expecting updates from me =D
what can i say? * shrugs* lazy! hehe

anyway main point of this post is my MELBOURNE TRIP LAST WEEK (9th-18th April) =D

All i can say is that I truly enjoyed myself till the point that i hoped the volcano eruption would keep me stuck there for another few days hahahahaaaa

So Friday morning, i flew AirAsia( what else? haha) ALONE hehe. eventhough this was my first official trip alone, it really didnt feel like much tho.

What i DID NOT ANTICIPATE was how BORING the 8hour flight would be. thought i could get their inflight entertainment system but OMG. they somehow didnt have it. So I
a) read 2 Readers Digest ( thank god my mum told me to bring 2)
b) did 1 sudoku and 4 like tetsoku cant remember spelling which is harder than sudoku
c) sleep
and i had to sit beside this Caucasian man who was taking up my armrest =(

but i reached Melb at bout 11.30 with a 15kg luggage and 5kg hand luggage and cleared custom super fast =D. got picked up by my cousin sis and uncle(mum's cousin) and by the time i hit the sack it was 2am Aussie time. awesome =)

oh yeah i basically stayed at my uncle's house most of my time at melb in the suburbs =)

So my first day on Saturday, we went to Springvale which was like the Little Vietnam there and i had beef rice noodle soup or if pronounced by the vietnams LICE NOODLE SOUP haha. ok im not gonna be mean =)

then i walked around then later had Vietnamese coffee which is basically THICK COFFEE
cousin promo-ing her viet coffee hehe

viet's version of ice kacang haha and my uncle tony

then it was afternoon and we proceeded to Mount Dandenong which i kept forgetting and renaming MOUNT DANDELION haha =)

We came to feed birds! big ganas ones
joelle, my birdloving cousin hahaaaa

the huge ganas birds. these huge things will land on you with their sharp claws ( i had marks) and peck your hand haha scary and not scary at the same time. Shiu Jean che was like hiding the whole time hahahaaaaa

acting happy haha

liked the small red bird better =)

Then we went to get pies at get this PIE IN THE SKY. geddit? pie up the mountains hence the name hahahaaaa

oh their pies are way awesome =D Aussie beef is like pretty good man haha. oh and their raspberry conserve is yum yumm tooooo

saw chestnuts on the way. never knew that chestnuts have skins like rambutans. weird huh

sweet shop bside pie in the sky. =) was nice to see all the weirdo sweets that we dont have in msia

then we got back and had a super tasty meal done by aunty michelle and joelle
steak, pork, stuffed mushroom ( super yum!), roasted pumpkin and potatoes, and super sweet corn =D

John and Joelle. Poor guy looks abit off cos he had diarrhea( not sure if i should even mention this haha) bt he got well fast enough to bring me around haha

So Sunday came and i followed the family to Service then I went to meet my MANY other distant relatives i have there which was pretty interesting =)

My grandpa's brother and his wife =)

My only Asian-ish meal the whole trip eating out =) was pretty good tho. massive meal. note my 3 new distant cousins i discovered haha

How cool was it=D i got to experience a HAIL STORM =). basically it was raining ice. this was a small storm bt hehe super cool! *enlarge the pic if u have to*

all my distant relatives in Melb =)

we then went to my granduncle's house where he had his AMAZING GARDEN

god knows what i was trying to do with the persimmon haha

oh btw this is like one of the most awesome fruit ever. dont even know the name bt it's like a cross btw cherries and guava. i think haha. i just knew every1 kept picking it off the trees to eat
ooh btw will most ALL PICS on fb. cut down alot to post on blog as it takes up too much space!


super nice german poppy cake/bread, love my accidental artsy fartsy shot haha


So the next day, Monday, John took me out to the city which was like an hour away and omg it's like about rm30 bucks to travel to and from city in one day !!

awesome possum Brunetti where they had mad nice italian cakes!!

my tour guide and hehe enlarge to see the super nice small cakes i bought. =D

melb library. sprained my leg here haha. WHERE HAVE I NOT SPRAIN MY LEG haha

so basically we were shopping in Melb central which is like the centre of the city and woohoo EXEY shopping haha
mr vain pot fell in love with this couch at Henleys hahaa. i did smthin despicable here. am just gonna leave it at that =)

got belanja-ed, Rocky road ice-cream which basically is choc with marshmallows and nuts, FAT MEEEE

then on tuesday, i headed to MONASH UNIVERSITY with john again to check it out =) became a temp uni student woohoo. hehe. it was pretty cool sitting in his lecture. bt hahahaa kena scolding cos i didnt take any pics there hahaaaa. Had McD that day too. oh wow. their MIGHTY ANGUS burger. the name says it all man haha

then Wednesday, i went to the city again to meet Ming Ling and Crystal hehe. atucally spent the whole day with Ming bt only about an hour with Crys as she had class
spent most of my morning and afternoon with Ming at Harbourtown shopping hehe =)
she belanja-ed KFC which was pretty goodddd

met a dinosaur haha could see the human leg bt haha it had a pretty realistic ROAR =)

Crys , Ming and me =)

bought powerade for us to drink. it looks better than it taste

the city tram which is free. have a story to tell bout it but that wil come later

that night i went to meet my cousins. first cousins who are in Melb =) had dinner at the Little Italy of Melb

our super awesome seafood pasta

smoked salmon pizza =)

half bacon and half cant remember name pizza, it was super nice tho =)

Shiu Jean, me, Hunt ( i kid u not that's his real name), Joelle, Siang and her friend Hey Ting.
we drank lemon bitters which was pretty diluted



then we went to get gelato =)
love how they have like choc brand icecreams like ferrero roche, snickers etc yum! i had roche and nutella =DDD
every1 took durian gelato bt me haha. bt gosh the durian gelato was so strong that it tasted like the real thing man


the next day, thursday was my haha Nature day if u can say so. Bond with nature day. i first went berry picking then to a farm with Joelle and her bf, Jimmy.
bt b4 that i met aunt mich's friend's super cute son Jonathon aka Jonjon!



really thankful that they brought me to experience the nature side of melb haha

look super scary heere haha. we bought the gobbler's pass which means that we could pick the berries and eat it there and there. Bought BRUMBLEBERRIES ( mixed breed of blue and raspberries hehe) and berry honey for my family. =)

then at 4.30 we reached chesterfield farm which closes at 5 haha. bt somehow we saw everything

super scary emus who would do anything for the food in my hands haha


Cute cute kangarooossss

my weird posture was to prevent those scary goats from rampasing my bag of food haha

super horrid ALPACA who freaking spit on my face AHHH!!! we were just laughing then maybe it wasnt happy so it started spitting on us EWWWWWW

they then brought me to cold rock which was SUPER AWESOME. cant even describe how it works man

basically the person will scoop the icecream of your choice ( mine was aussie vanila and cookies and cream) onto the ice slab as seen above then they'll put the toppings of your choice ( mine was M&Ms and fudge brownie) on the icecream then as u can see the pic, they will start mashing the whole thing together then serve it to u. VOILA AWESOME AWESOME stuff haha

Friday. second last day. omg didnt actually think time would literally FLY by.
anyway, i followed James, who's actually John's super quirky friend haha to the one and only
MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY muahahaaaaa ( no idea why i just typed that)
once again. UNI STUDENT heee.
and Mr James was an actuary wannabe. like me haha.
So i followed him to his Maths class.
BOO pretty hard stuff compared to my FM. i know u'll say DUH uni is harder. bt i checked! the econs they learn is THE SAME as ours haha
maybeeee one dayyyy

dont u think it looks just like london?

look how super cool their lecture theatre is =)

james & i at subway =) super yum man

then b4 his class started again, he took me to melb central supermarket to buy drinks as he said haha subway drinks are overpriced haha. generous me ( HAHAA) belanjaed juice that was supposedly FRESH AND FREE OF MSG as there's only juice and vitamin C(literally) in there. seemed cool haha

then night time, Shiu Jean che, Joelle, Hunt and I went for Mexican food wooooo
walked all over the city as at first we didnt wanna wait an hour for a particular restaurant but we soon discovered it was the same everywhere. which brings to my story about the tram.
we were traveling in one to get to our restaurant and i think we were in the the tram as a dude died. omg. was pretty scary as we suddenly heard this guy shouting and slapping his friend who was like blue and whitish. didnt think much at first bt we soon realised he looked dead. plus when the ambulance came, it DID NOT RUSH AWAY. =( he probably overdosed on drugs man.
awh freaking shucks why do people do stupid things like drugs? =(

anyway, we got to Mamasitas
had tortilla chips,

tasting board. =)) this was ultra awesome as we got to try stuff =) we had also super small serving of lamb and roasted potatos. had to save some space for COCOA BLACK later =)
u will notice that them mexicans LOVE their chilli. haha tried their hot sauce omg. ganas man haha. tried sangria too. no idea what's inside. it just basically taste like diluted wine with soda

Cocoa Black. possibly Aus's best choc place omg. =DD
note the awesome selection of chos behind us!


After that, us girls all spent the night at Shiu Jean's place =) the only night i got to stay at her pretty nice apartment
* again all pics will be on fb*

LAST DAY IN MELB, Saturday =(
After a late breakfast, we went shopping at DFO which is like the factory outlet of Melb which means stuff there are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP =D
bought quite an amount of stuff there hahahaa. bt I DONT REGRET it hehe
bt evening we got back to uncle tony's house.
mr john chua made his trademark pasta which was so darn good!!!




ahh then i took the 12.45am flight back to Msia.bought airasia's comfort kit haha. totally helped with my sleeping man
ahh i'll always remember this extremely memorable trip of minee

once again thanks
a) Uncle Tony and Aunty Michelle for taking care of me and letting me stay at their home
b) Shiu Jean che, Joelle and John for looking out for me and bringing me around
and of course
c) my parents for the trip =D

Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne. im gonna be back!

you know you love me =p
*Jean xoxo 21April 2010 11.32pm*

7:38 AM

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